A new building! So what?




“We have found a building for Joburg North”. The only appropriate response to this should be “so what?”.  Jobburg North now joins Cape Town, Durbran, Port Elizabeth, Bulawayo and Harare in having an empty building that does nothing.

All orgs AND the AO are supposed to be done and opened by the end of 2015 – 14 months from now. All the org buildings have been standing empty (or torn down in the case of Dubran).

Cape Town – purchased 10 years ago for R18 million

Durban – purchased 6 years ago for R16 million, torn down and then sold.

Bulawayo – purchased 8 years ago with IAS money and now a slum and a brothel

Harare – also purchased 8 years ago with IAS money

Port Elizabeth – purchased 7 years ago.

Not one of the above are close to opening. So, Joburg North: Congratulations on your new building. It will stand empty for another 7 years at least.

It has been stated before on this blog and we state it again: Every Scientologist holding out for the opening of the Advanced Org must confront the reality that AO Africa will never open. There are not enough Scientologists to support it.  Even if every Ideal Org were to open (and that is a big “if”) they would not create enough public for an AO. This is born out by the non-expansion of the two ideal orgs that do exist – Joburg and Pretoria.

Yet OT levels are already being delivered in South Africa, quietly without the fuss and large buildings.

If you have friends still on lines this fact must be brought to their attention.



18 thoughts on “A new building! So what?

  1. Really, guys! How can you be so un-enthused!
    Didn’t you know that the ED wants to have his bond he raised to be now fully pledged? The fact that he will loose his money . . . . . .oh, well. And the other members’ donations, too. Do I smell a DEDEX in the background, or is that just a dead rat?
    Note that the venue is not at JHB North, but at JHB. Too few members at the North?
    The ED’s (and his cronies’) motto of “The Force of the North” always struck a dis-chord with me. Force? Too MESTy for me.
    But amazing that the SO hierachy will continue with this madness, and even more amazing that the sheeple will follow down the cliff, shouting “whee, whee .!. “

  2. This too, shall pass…

    It boggles the mind that this is the same week that the sheep in LA are celebrating the folding of LAD and LAF into one smallish day org manned by SO members and the simultaneous folding of ASHO and ADHOF into a smallish advanced Org staffed by SO members.

    Consolidation is the new expansion!

    It reminds me of that legendary bird that flies in ever tightening circles until it disappears up its own rectum. I feel we may have a chance to witness the final implosion before too long.

    One small benefit of the LA consolidation is that staff were released from their contracts with no free loader debt.

    • (Roars of laughter) Love the bird analogy David! It inpires some satirical cartoon imagery I’d just relish to see!

      Cartoonists out there heed our call, send some hilarious anti- DM imagery possibly WW2 style where the head is always larger than the rest of the body!

  3. There’s an expression I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of: ‘A fool and his money are soon parted’. And it’s true you know. I was once a fool. I once had some money. And we were soon parted. And although some of that money was spent for good exchange – towards the end, no. The BIG money was for no exchange. I often get a sense of ennui about these postings on fund raising, until I think – if one fool, ummm person, can wake up maybe he (or she) could be spared parting from his money. Maybe his kids could actually have a decent education and a career that fits in the the modern economy, and be freed from this cycle of – let’s be honest, it’s just pure bank dramatisation.

  4. The church are stepping up their attacks on the indies in SA! In the end it will come to naught. They are positively seething, can you feel it? You can throw money around to create evil purpose and intent. But for how long? Sooner always more than later it comes back to haunt one.

    To the OSA stooges and glee happy zealots trying to “bust a squirrel” please mark my words. Your leader is a ripe skunk whose stench has reached truly epic preportions. When, or if ever you come to sense about things, its the indies who will be the first to assist you.

    That wake up when you realise how much harm you have caused in the name of, can kill ya!

  5. Just a heads up…seems Robert Bokkelman is trying to make direct contact with some in SA…asking specific questions and making enquiries generally…oh and regging a little too…heads up yawl.

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