Ideal Morgue Cape Town – old, old news

Old news


 (Editor: Today we celebrated a landmark event of a get-together of many South African Indy/Sp/ and other ex-RCS (Radical Corporate Scientology) members. Approximately 90 people attended the function and without fail, everyone agreed they had a fantastic time, leaving the venue smiling and happy, clutching notes with contact details of new friends and old relationships rekindled.  

As soon as we have all the photos, report back and video material together, we will put together a comprehensive article on BIC for everyone to share.)

* * * * * * * * *

And now next in our series of reporting on the status quo of African Ideal Morgues:


CT Ideal Org Logo

Last week we were forwarded an HONOUR ROLL of the Cape Town Ideal Morgue donors list:

We see new donor status’s have been conjured up too. In the early days it was a huge accomplishment to reach New Civilization Builder. Not many reached this status. And then a New Civilization Champion was introduced. And then came Humanitarian which put you in a league of your own.  . And now there’s a whole bunch of sub-Humanitarian statuses:  Silver Humanitarian, Gold Humanitarian, Platinum Humanitarian and now….RHODIUM HUMANITARIAN…..Followed by …..NEW CIVILIZATION CRUSADER

Whoever dreams up these new statuses certainly has a lot of fun, but one wonders where it will end. Or more to the point, when will it end?

In November 2013 we did a full article on the Cape Town Ideal Org Saga – it’s worth visiting the article to refresh yourself on this zany cycle. Specifically the point of how the org begged and pleaded with Gaye & Ernest Corbett to furnish a R9Million guarantee for the balance of the purchase price (R18Million) – which the Corbetts duly did. 

The key here is that Cape Town Ideal Org has been standing empty since 2004 – 11 years and not one renovation has begun.  Having trouble with overheads such as rent etc, the staff moved into their (fully paid) building as renovations were not imminent. Someone at INT (maybe his initials were DM but we’re not saying) threw a hissy fit and ordered them out of the building, so out they went back to rented premises, once again battling to keep up with their overheads. This got so bad that someone at INT got the “bright idea” of moving them back into their self-owned building and so they moved again (and no, we’re not saying DM got the bright idea but he does pretty  much  take credit for all great ideas and blames anything that goes wrong on others – just saying).

In February 2014 a new 3-man Sea Org Mission was sent to Cape Town to get their Ideal Org to a DONE. We covered this in our article Ideal Org Update on the 11th February 2014. Within weeks the team had been split up and were sent off on different cycles. Cape Town had not moved ahead an inch.  

And here is the Cape Town Ideal Org Honour Roll:


From: Ideal Orgs Africa []
Sent: 29 January 2015
Subject: Cape Town Honour Roll


There are some every interesting points to note about this honour roll.

Of course the obvious one is Bob & Trish Duggan sitting up there at the new status of Rhodium Humanitarian. Looks like they have now moved on to fostering/adopting Cape Town Ideal Org as their new hobby-horse.

Next, this list is ancient – the majority of these names are not new and these donations came in as far back as 5 years  – some of them even older.

A couple of other oddities we picked up were:

Walter & Marie Hex. Marie died some time ago, so this donation is not new. Nor is the Warren & Andrea Bruckmann, John & Sonja Morshead – (repeated twice on the roll). Nor Peter & Vicci Hayward and Glenys Jenson who was a  “recovered” SP who made a sizable donation to Ideal Orgs in lieu of doing her A-E steps, and then routed into the Sea Org in 2011 (She is now in CLO AF). Another very old and odd donation.

Of all the names listed, 18 people are no longer members of the Church – they have quietly stepped away and are now either UTR or gone.

In summary, there are very few new names on this list. Of the 219 names, 18 people are no longer in the Church or are UTR.  48 names on the list are donations made more than  5 years ago – leaving 153 names added in 6 years. That’s 25 new donors per annum.

With the declared SP’s and those that have left the Church quietly, this further lessens their “pool” by a substantial amount.

And then we get to the SP’s. 22 names of “SP’s” have been removed from the list entirely. We assume that seeing as these names are no longer on the list they don’t exist and will never be allowed entry into the building they bought. This then stands to reason that all declared SP’s whose names have been removed from ALL Org plaques (JBG, PTA, JBN etc) will be getting their money back yes?

Dear OSA person who’s job it is to read this blog: Kindly send a list of all SP’s removed off Ideal Org Honour Rolls together with the amount they donated and a date that they can expect the refund of their money. This list can be sent to the following email address:

If any readers out there made a donation to Ideal Orgs but are no longer on Honour Rolls or plaques, please drop us a line stating which org/s, the amount/s donated and the status achieved per org. We would like to put together an article on this – it would seem that the “SP’s of South Africa” own considerable real estate in this country.

In the meantime, while the numbers of people exiting the Church continues, we came across this rather funny cartoon which is eerily true to the current RCS situation:




22 thoughts on “Ideal Morgue Cape Town – old, old news

  1. I think this list is way older than you suggest. Ingrid Lossau I’m pretty sure is deceased longer than 10 years. At least three names there are of people now dead, couples LONG since divorced (hello, Warren!). This is just dredging up names for the sake of creating the impression people are still interested in wasting their money. One of the Esspees at yesterdays shindig (and it was frikking GREAT!) tells me even his name has been resurrected on a similar list he recently received by email.

  2. Sundays event was such an awesome event. Full of incredible thetans. This group I feel will expand and be the group LRH intended to be…FREE SPIRITED. ..WHAT A FEELING TO BE FREE.

    Thank you to the organisers. .

    Much love

    • Yes I would like to add my thanks to our very gracious hosts and the guest speakers. It was a fun and sane event and so good to catch up with some dear old friends.

  3. Bwahahaha. Love the picture – that’s exactly what they’re doing – virtually repelling the public, kicking them out and all the Indy guys have to do is stand at the back door with their arms wide open.

    As for that honour roll, I am sure there are plenty more Special People who contributed and aren’t on that list – me and Andrew for one, and my son Jean & Kirsty for another. Guess this means my IAS Patron card is only good for filling in mosaic grout now. Or getting bubbles out of self-adhesive shelving paper…. or ……..

  4. “This then stands to reason that all declared SP’s whose names have been removed from ALL Org plaques (JBG, PTA, JBN etc) will be getting their money back yes?”

    Love this. Why not start a class action?

  5. Thanks for the update. The first written communication I received was in January from Ian Nel to inform me that he can no longer communicate to or receive communication from me reason being that ‘the church had declared me to be a suppressive person’ and that all communication from my computer on behalf of my dyslexic daughter Janine will be marked as ‘spam.’ However seeing that my name as I am known to the church ‘Jane Parker’ is still displayed on this list – must I conclude that I am still in ‘good standing’?

    Thank you

  6. Yes OSA. Where’s my reimbursement for ideal orgs since my name is off the honour roll, and my reimbursement for IAS since you revoked my membership by declaring me (and disassociated my “Association” status by making others disconnect from me), and my reimbursement for unused monies on account per your policy? I am no good but my money is? These are not refunds being requested for services given – but reimbursement of monies taken without exchange. How do you live with that?

  7. Whoever is making up the statuses has their values messed up.
    Blue diamond is way more valuable than platinum. Come on, get with it.

  8. They just cannot seem to do anything or open their mouths or publish anything without screwing it up. Foot-bullet city! This is definitely old rehashed dredged – up stuff of ages gone by. With the obvious exception of the removal of some esspee names of course!
    But onto Sunday’s gathering! Totally cool do and awesome to meet up with people from 30 plus years ago! Notably lacking were regges, sign – up boards, confirms lists, products on sale, donations forms and make – wrong. People hung around for ages after just comming and having a good old chat. Reminiscent of earlier times of far greater freedom of choice. Thank you to the organisers and hosts, and especially those who came from so far to enjoy the day!

  9. So glad to hear the meet up was such a successful event! Can’t wait to see the photos.

    Reading that the Scientologists were kicked out of the building they purchased in South Africa, by the Sea Org out in California, is headline news. And forced to rent? I know it’s old news but it doesn’t matter. This is just huge. Major.

    “The key here is that Cape Town Ideal Org has been standing empty since 2004 – 11 years and not one renovation has begun. Having trouble with overheads such as rent etc, the staff moved into their (fully paid) building as renovations were not imminent. Someone at INT (maybe his initials were DM but we’re not saying) threw a hissy fit and ordered them out of the building, so out they went back to rented premises, once again battling to keep up with their overheads.”


    Does it get any crazier than this?

    Thanks for the great article!

  10. First of all where has all the F…….. money GONE!
    There is a substantial amount of money donated how much and by whom!

    As for all the SP’s YES they should start a class action – I am sure some law has
    been broken to pay for a building and -then not get the money back once
    they have decided who is not eligible to go in it!

    AND it was always promoted ‘WE ARE THE IAS’!
    Never a balance sheet in sight on where actually the money went to.
    SP’s given the boot and the money conveniently kept.
    REFUND POLICY needs to be looked into !
    Services unused needs to be looked into and Returned!
    No delivery of what is promised – overt products – refund – Hell you can
    even get your money back at Woolworths for an Overt product!
    No Questions Asked!

    Time the Class Action was taken out against every Scientologist who
    owes an SP money!
    Money back for Every SP who paid to purchase a building!
    Money back for Services not taken and the money kept by the Church!

    THE GET TOGETHER ON SUNDAY WAS the best meeting I have been to
    for Years and on my own determinism No Regging, No False stats or
    promises – NO ONE IN FEAR!

    just pure high ARC and a group of individuals who all support LRH!

    OSA – Those who were there do not give a F……….
    You still do not know who are under the radar and how many – oh
    I cannot wait as their turn will come and there will be some shock waves
    and you do not have a clue love it!

    • “No delivery of what is promised – overt products – refund – Hell you can
      even get your money back at Woolworths for an Overt product!
      No Questions Asked!”

      Woolworths IS expanding, not just saying it is. It will keep on expanding because it’s whole thrust is to give the public the quality they want and good customer care.

      Scientology should take a leaf out of its book. Woolworths will still be standing long after Scientology has gone! Some of us will live to see the day.

    • Why not as a warm up, request the Ethics folder and PC folders to be handed over to you, and anything else they hold on you (OSA folders?).

      Since you are no longer a member of the Church, there is no need or right for them to hold any data on you, except maybe some financial records required by law.
      Here is the “Protection of Personal Information Act” for South Africa:

      Click to access popia2013380.pdf

      If they refuse, drag them before a Small Claims Court (no lawyers and great expenses needed) stating the facts, to get the Court to rule in your favour. Ask for a reasonable compensation for time wasted and expenses in doing this.

      Small Claims Court:

      If even 10 people did this for a start, it would reverse a flow that really needs reversing. If these ten were successful, more would do the same.

      Your PC folders are Yours. You paid for the creating, filing and safekeeping of them as part of your services. They were held in Trust by the Orgs. The Org then dissolved that trust by declaring you an esspee. Property should be returned to the owner.

  11. Yeah, the event was spectacular in every theta way! Old faces, new faces all in a pressure cooker free space. Kinda brings out the best in people you know?

    Makes you wonder. How are people meant to audit out the force in their own bank when continual force is brought to bear upon them incessantly in the church. Answer. They simply cannot.

    Hence this event was a true success. Good men and women came together and held spiritual communion in a non religeous or dogmatic way without demanding a thing. Even the chow and drinks were free! No one had to fork out a membership or increase their status either. What bliss!

    I guess the true purpose of getting people back in comm was actually achieved in the end. Job very well done to the organisers. Thanks very much! Cant wait for the next one!

  12. About the class action lawsuit you all keep talking about. INAL, but, a class action suit is *not* the way to go-Rinder has even said this. That is used when a huge number of people are owed not so much money. I know the amounts all of you are owed is all over the map, but I would guess you are talking in the tens of thousands at the least. Some of you should ask Mike about it as he is involved in the Garcia case. A very important ruling is due on that case very soon and if the church is denied it will make it a lot easier for you guys to make a claim.

    • Lets not get literal here, class action or not, if a group of people all filed suit and in a fairly close proximity to one another, the church would get the message. As Kent says, reverse the flow. You could get some service (sorry, don’t laugh at such a ludicrous idea) but you’d get some action, for sure.

      There’s plenty boodle stashed in church accounts – in Johannesburg. All the money you’ve donated is sitting in accounts here, has not been transferred out.

      They’ve got the money to refund you.

      • They don’t have any of my money, I’m a never in. And I was just trying to help people understand the difference between the two. Again, it’s been talked about a lot, but quite a few people here didn’t seem to know.

  13. What a great event. Theta once again. Tremendous to to hear from Dani and Tami [a very special tech person]. Then Mark reminding us just how much fun there can be in changing conditions for the better and that is what auditing is all about. Auditing is a freeing technique developed by LRH. It is the game of freeing yourself and others from stupid conditions in which we got ourselves trapped in the past. David

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