RCS & 4D scampaigns – help or hype?



Below is a story by a former Church member of her VM experience during the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake .

The PR of RCS is currently at an all-time low. As Mike Rinder so succinctly stated during a recent interview with Jeffrey Augustine, 2015 is going to be a year of pain for the Church.

With multiple court cases, negative media articles, the imminent release of two major tell-all documentaries and an explosive book by Tony Ortega scheduled for release in May, this year is not starting well for the church. Much discussion has taken place about how the church is going to react. Speculation is that they will try bolster their PR by diverting attention onto “good works” by various ABLE and 4D campaigns.

Which brings us to the VM program. When the VM Handbook was released in the late 70’s, the intention was delivery of basic SCN Technology at a grass-roots level. The idea was to train people from far-flung areas who in turn would return to their communities and train others. Thus the VM tech could be spread far and wide in remote areas not easily reachable by orgs.

Instead, over the years (and particularly when DM cottoned onto the fact that the VM program was yet another vehicle to amass fortunes for the IAS), the original purpose of the VM program was re-positioned as a “Disaster response” activity. Incredibly, even the official VM website states “The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Corps is an embracive program of the Church of Scientology to provide community service, disaster relief and emergency response”.

This story is a prime example of how the VM program has become nothing more than a PR-hype activity with attention on getting good photo-ops that can be used in future events to illicit more money from unsuspecting parishioners. And so the hamster wheel continues…….

On with the story:

My experience as a Volunteer Minister

My name is Teresa Marks, I am Australian but lived in South Africa whilst studying Scientology where I met my husband Daniel.  I was not a Scientologist very long, but in those 3 years I attested to the state of Clear, completed most of my basic courses, PTS/SP and student hat.  I was pretty dedicated as you can see, and was working hard to achieve OT.

This is my experience alone, I am in no way judging other VM missions and other peoples experience.

I am sure you have all seen the promo for Volunteer Ministers; it goes a little something like this…

A Volunteer Minister, the first to arrive at any disaster and the last to leave, they perform miracles, they are known as the ‘ones that get the job done’. National leaders, police officials, members of parliament welcome VM’s with open arms.  No problem is too small, drug problems, marriage problems… we are the largest independent relief force on earth…

Bloody fantastic isn’t it?… Well this is my experience…

I was always pretty impressed with the VM missions that I saw at events, it appeared as though they really were welcomed with open arms by Mayors, Chief of Police and other important members of the community.  They were the storm troopers in yellow shirts always ready for action, superheros that are at disasters within minutes, will go where no man has been before and take on any job no matter how big or small.

There was an earthquake on the 22nd of February 2011 in Christchurch New Zealand that killed 185 people.  I was quick to put my hand up to go when I heard they were looking for volunteers  and was told my flight and other expenses were covered by the IAS, so I flew from Johannesburg to Christchurch.  I arrived late one night and by 6.00 am I was up and ready to go for a 14 hour shift.  I worked long days but I didn’t care, I truly wanted to do whatever I could to help these people with no agenda.

Apparently a fellow VM from New Zealand knew someone in the main operation centre and managed to get us in there on the condition that we stayed outside on the veranda.  We had a few tables set up and hunted all day to get people to come out and have an assist.  Some were intrigued, some were trying to be polite and others just looked at us like we were nuts.  We did get a little cheeky and tried to sneak our tables back inside but due to some technical difficulties our cloaking device had malfunctioned and we were soon banished back outside.

I think it was my second or third night when I woke in the middle of the night to find an SO member standing at the end of my bed, he just stood there like a statue and I felt like that poor guy Micah from the Paranormal Activity as his possessed girlfriend stood by the bed for hours just staring at him.  What was he waiting for, me to grab him and drag him into my bed for a warm embrace?   This SO member was such a prick he gave everyone a hard time and treated us like we were pond scum.  I was glad when he was shipped off to Japan after their earthquake.

We managed to weasel our way into the base camp where all of the emergency workers from all over the world were camped out.  We told them we offered something similar to a massage to get in there but unlike the real massage therapists there who had a line up out the door, we had to hunt once again.  We were met mostly with disinterest and at times curiosity and from my own observations, only about 1 in 10 thought it was great, the rest couldn’t wait to get out of there.

I watched as other VM’s preyed on uniform, preferably the highest rank they could find and ask to have a photo with them.  I would just cringe as I watched a female VM flirt and ask to wear the Policeman’s hat while putting her arm around him for the photo.  All taken of course by the official SO photographer, who was always on hand for those special Kodak moments.

Photo after photo with uniforms, it was not about them being so impressed with what we did and wanting a memento of the occasion, it was purely them being polite.  I have an extremely well-functioning bullshit meter thanks to a long policing career and their gratitude was not genuine.  The whole episode was just embarrassing.  I could read their faces and we were nothing more than an annoyance and embarrassment.

Then one day we were asked to pack up our tables and take a hike as allegedly an experienced VM who was also OT had touched a female police officer inappropriately.  So I tracked down this person’s senior who told me as long as we left quietly and don’t return he would not take the matter further.

The main operation centre was pumping with the Mayor, high ranking police and other emergency services from around the world all there to offer support.  I was confronted by the Mayor’s wife on one occasion who made it very clear she was not happy we were there and I should not bother trying to recruit her, the local current affair show also warned people of our presence so I would have to say we were not welcomed with open arms!

As if our presence couldn’t get any worse, what do I see coming out of the shadows but an SO member strutting his stuff wearing a hard hat, reflective vest and a nice new back pack.  Seriously, you need to wear a hard had in the safe zone like a knob, oh that’s right it’s free!

If you couldn’t find VM’s just go over to the where the equipment was being issued, they almost needed a cart to haul their goods away!  “Go over and get whatever you want, it’s all free”, they say.  Really, we are that desperate for anything free that we would be willing to take it away from the emergency workers that desperately needed it!

VM’s were walking around with rain coats, vests, back packs, steel capped boots, whatever they could get their greasy little hands on.  There was also a sense of entitlement from some of them as if it was just in-flow after all of their out-flow.  This did not sit well with me so I made it my mission to get them returned.  I asked the person in charge of issuing of equipment how the supply was, “we are getting very low”, he tells me.  I ask if it would help if items that were not needed or being used could be returned.  “Absolutely”, he said.  That was my next mission which made me super popular!

Each day we were required to keep stats of how many assists, people helped, trained etc., which was recorded very generously.  I recall giving training to one group of people who thought it was a bit of a joke and after talking among themselves just walked out, only a couple of people remained that were interested in what we were doing.

I also felt the need to contact all local Scientologists to see if they were ok and needed any help.  Every call was the same and I was met with defensiveness and silence as if they were waiting for the real reason I was calling.  I quickly learnt to start each call with “I am not a staff member, I do not want your money, I do not want to sell you anything and I am not trying to confirm you for an event, I really want to know if you are ok and need any help”.

I have heard Albert DeBeer the ED of Joburg Org call people that did not donate at fundraisers as “useless eaters” or something similar, well that is exactly what we all were in New Zealand. Using up resources and eating food provided for the real workers and the OT who worked his arse off by flowing theta for hours by sitting on the wall outside, so job well done I guess…

Well that is my experience as a VM that started putting those nails in the coffin.  I am now free of the church and their control.

Something can be done about it…

Yeah, just leave!

– Teresa Marks

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  1. “and the OT who worked his arse off by flowing theta for hours by sitting on the wall outside, so job well done I guess…”
    Haha! I knew a few of those!
    Thanks for the inside info – made very interesting reading.

  2. A great post. Thanks for writing, Teresa.

    I know of someone here in Joburg who was keen on going to some disaster area as a VM. However, they were told that they had to pay their own way, including their airticket; and everything else. Fortunately for her, I thought, the “show” was cancelled.

    So glad we’re out! You were so clever to have gotten out after three years!

    • It was a bad experience when my intentions were good but did work out for the best because I am now out. Glad your friend didn’t go.

  3. Interesting post Teresa. You live at a level of responsibility that can spot and correct the outpoints, while those who sit on walls flowing “whatever” and collecting freebies just don’t get it. It also sounds as if the scns in NZ are overrun on the reg/donate/attend events cycle. No little corner of the scientology world is safe from that.

    • Being responsible can make things a little lonely at times as you are forced out of the group but BIC proves we are not alone.

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  5. I have a Filipino friend that used to be a VM until I told her the truth about Scientology and when the huge typhoon hit in the Philippines a year or so ago she said the 5 VM’s that came there [yes. only 5 for a disaster that killed 10,000 as that is all they can muster up now,] she said they virtually did nothing in the week they were there and it was all about the photo ops to show the Scientology public how ”great” the work was that they did so it could be used in mags and events to scam money out of the Scientology public world wide. And one of my sources said over 100 grand was raised in Australia for it ! What a scam.
    On another note I shot 2 short 5 or so minute videos on Sunday night of the the near total demise of Adelaide org, which is what most orgs in ANZO and no doubt South Africa are like now. This is a Facebook link so if you are not on FB it won’t come up…https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=771481412901636&set=vb.100001193521427&type=2&theater and here https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=771804752869302&set=vb.100001193521427&type=2&theater

    • Hi jeffleebrown, that’s interesting about the famous five that probably thought help had FINALLY arrived, hope they woke up! Would love to chat to you more as I have personal experience with Adelaide org that I have watched diminish over the years and they still owe me money! Maybe admin can forward my address if not too much trouble.

      • Yup Teresa, admin is sending you my email. You must have come into Adelaide Scn after I left. I have heard your name but can’t recall you. Maybe I am getting Alzheimers because it is not like there are many people to remember from Adelaide, lol.

  6. Incidents like the one you disclose show their real intentions: Having a SO member take photos of VMs to use to get money off other Church members to spend on lawyers to defend against human rights violations and abuses. Nice Church.

    Because the Co$’s real intentions are mostly known by authorities, each use of this VM PR “technique” puts Scientology into a darker and darker light in the minds of the “relief effort” opinion leaders around the world, like the Mayor’s wife.

    Any yellow shirts at disaster sites today makes authorities cringe… The PR value is negative. The VM’s look like Vulture Ministers.

    This is truly making planetary clearing of any good PR for Scientology a reality!

      • Teresa, I am so happy that you are out. I am a never-in and every story of someone getting out of that madness makes my day.

        Never again will you have to shamefully cover up your intention to help. This is why Corporate Scientology will fail, it is/has lost everyone with heart & sense.

        I wish you nothing but love and happiness in your future.

  7. What an amazing Story!
    This is where this blog is fantastic you can read true life stories.
    NOT made up bull shite!
    Well done Teresa for getting out so quickly.

  8. Beautiful post, Teresa. For those of us in the US, it’s confirmation that the insanity and the lies are well and truly world wide. Congrats on “getting it” so quickly! 🙂

    • Teresa, What a great post you did. I always suspected that was how it was, but had no proof until now. How sad that we are a laughing stock or something to be sneered at when we show up to help. Your heart was in the right place and you did more help by returning that equipment back to them. Well done on keeping your integrity in even though those Scn VM’s around you had none. And I’m so glad you saw the light and got out.

    • Hi thegman77, I still feel like the fool I was in as long as I was. It has been a huge eye opener to see it is worldwide and really helps to cut the final string. I never will forget the day my palms sweat as I hovered over the search button and once I made the move the weight floated off my shoulders at a rapid pace. Oh what a great day!

  9. This is sad that someone who really wanted to make a difference and was not there for photo-opps or freeloading on scarce rescue gear and food would find herself trapped in the PR web that the COS spider failingly weaves. Thanks for your expose though Teresa and congrats for seeing right through it. When the local org. had its first masked Anonymous demonstration in 2008 I was asked by a couple of the inmates guarding the books and the door why they were hated when they did so much good in the world. I asked the demonstrators the same question as I was not Anon.and could talk to both sides. I passed on the message that the COS staff weren’t hated personally but their cult organisation was. When questioned what good that would that be their answers were fatuous. They wheeled their book table inside (never to be seen out again since) and the two forty odd year olds who were holding a “youth” for religious tolerance or some such retreated into the building and all the blinds were pulled down. It has been close to empty ever since. I just happened to be passing by but could talk to both the scared rats and the comedia del arte demonstrators.

    • Hi tony-b, I think its wonderful you can honestly seek the truth and ask questions to make an informed decision, a quality the church lacks.

  10. Very enlightening, thank you! The photos are the main product of these missions, as today it’s all about keeping the sheeple believing.

    It’s sad, because if they really wanted to help, they could. Leave all the pamphlets, assist tables and (especially) big egos behind and go in as a fully-supplied, self-sustaining help force ready to work on whatever task presents itself. Stop taking sightseers and glory seekers, and take only smart people who want to work hard. If the guy at the top had any sense, they could keep this scam going for a long time.

    • I read that they regged over $100,000 in donations for the VMs. If so, they should have come supplied with their own boots, hats, raincoats etc and not taken them from the real volunteers. My guess is that of the $100,000 only a small percentage went to the VM costs and the rest went to DM’s lawyers.

  11. I always wondered what really happened when the well-meaning folks in yellow got deployed – thank you for this description!!! I’m glad you’re out – please keep speaking out and telling your story!

  12. “we are the largest independent relief force on Earth…” what a joke and HUGE lie…
    the redcross has about 13 Millions volunteers worldwide:
    and a postulated Budget of 1.68 Billion $ for 2015:
    and the Savation Army has alone in Switzerland a Budget over 160 Millions of Swiss Francs (=$)
    per year.
    or the Bill Gates Foundation does great humanitarian work:
    All those organisations (thousands of them) all are all open and fully transparent about their finances..While the IAS doesn’t publish one paper about their finances…just bla..bla…bla..bla.bla…


    • Hi Roger from Switzerland, interesting to read, something does not sound right does it when you see the numbers for other organizations then you see VM numbers, then 5 rock up to a disaster, somebody’s telling fibs!

  13. Some funny storiy:

    My daughter was a Volunteer for the Olympic Summer Games in Greece (not a VM). So I called the CO of Athen Org if he could provide a room for her and her friend from Mexico.
    After the Org found out that their are real volunteers for the olympic games and not vm’s they threw them out.. LOL. The CO only heard volunteer and thought VMs.

  14. Several years ago in the US, I was asked to partake in a fake photo shoot of a new “group”. We even had non-scn in the photo shoot. This new “group” was shown at one of the events as a sign of expansion. I seldom went to events, and didn’t go to this one, but a scn friend in Europe emailed me excitedly after he saw the event that he had seen me.

    Thanks for enlightening us on the truth about the VM activities Teresa. I honestly didn’t see that one coming.

  15. Wow! , that’s an incredible story Teresa, thanks for sharing it with us. And please, never lose that humanitarian spirit of yours.

    So many of us joined in the battle for “Freedom” , “Human Rights” , and the “Alleviation of human pain and misery” , only to discover later on how “help had became betrayal” from the Church of destruction.

    But what really matters at the end is the BASIC PURPOSE that prompted us to participate in the game in the first place. That one that still lies in there, in our inner selves , waiting to be rekindled for some of us, and already rehabilitated for others out here in the Field. Purpose was basic in the chain , so it is what really matters in the end , and our saving grace too. To it , we must remain true no matter the size of the betrayal ; as in doing so lies the solution to many of our dilemas.

    I had predicted since many months ago at various blogs, that the CofS had its days counted. I gave a Time Machine of no longer than 2 years for the complete crumbling of the Church of Tyranny. Later on I posted that the year 2015 would be the “Make-break point” for the Church, meaning that the “Temple” would at last implode and fall down. It seems that Rinder shares my same views as evidenced by his great radio interview with Jeff at “Surviving Scientology”.

    This year 2015 will be one that story will remember very much for all the big changes that are about to occur internationally in many fronts specially on the subject of spiritualism and increased collective consciousness and the fight for Human Rights. Very harsh times will come, but chaos is sometimes needed so that a proper balance can be achieved.
    Chaos many times precede order.

    Soon will come an era where true “Free Will” and the willingness to “think for ourselves” will be the norm. The only entrapment there is, is the giving up of our power of observation to replace it with “Authority” ; the abandonment of the power of choice over data. Only then can any being become trapped as all entrapment really is , is your own holding to an “unispected idea” , a failure to observe by yourselves so as to properly
    as-is anything.

    Many great religions have discussed about the somewhat self-evident statement that “Truth will set us free”. I define “Truth” as “that which permits an ass-issness , allowing our fixated attention to free from it”. Notice how when we really handle anything , our attention is no longer stuck on it. Our understanding of something which we previously couldn’t quite figure out , free our attention units from such an area and we are no longer concerned by it ; we are “at ease” and “at peace” with it. It could be said that all “Freedom” really is , is the capacity to reach and withdraw from any subject or item at will.

    With the destruction of “The Church Of Tyranny” , a lot of confused souls will be raoming about. They are our brothers and sisters , and will need all our help and guidance. Many of them will blame us and assign the Cause of the destruction of their religion on us in the Field , and rightly so. They will be bitter , incredible BPCed , and very motivatorish. That will be the time when they would need us the most. We must turn down any impulse to do the same ourselves ; we must achieve the quality of “Greatness” and have our “Auditor’s hat” fully in , having run on ourselves the Act One in relation to them. Only in understanding our fellow beings any true and lasting freedom can be achieved. But the trick to all this lies not in “acting good” just to protect our path and find “salvation” ; but in doing it just because it is the right thing to do.


  16. With all of the knowledge reports forthcoming over the last several years, in the form of posts, videos, interviews, legal docs, reams of testimony through various mediums, it would be appropriate for someone to announce that David Miscavige has been busted. (I’ll do it) For fraud, bad faith, dereliction of duty , misrepresentation, domestic abuse, domestic terrorism, false imprisonment, human rights abuses, human trafficking, pimping, perjury, criminal negligence, extortion, blackmail, making false and misleading statements, submitting false reports to U.S. Government (a crime in itself) , tampering with witness’, obstruction of justice,
    (A criminal offense that involves interference, through words or actions, with the proper operations of a court or officers of the court.) , encouraging or rendering of false testimony, mass marketing fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, Piracy/Intellectual Property Theft , breach of fiduciary responsibility, breach of fiduciary trust, assault, and stalking, just to name a few but not all. There is enough testimony, witness’ and evidence that clearly evidence, that he manifests as a criminal. -31 Criminality on the characteristics chart. He isn’t rising back up that chart. It isn’t difficult to know his future:

    -32 Uncausing
    -33 Disconnection
    -34 Unexistence

    I predict that justice will prevail this year, in 2015. Justice has given him enough time and rope to hang himself. The Church has history of prevailing with the I.R.S., it does not have any history of prevailing with the F.B.I..

    Hubbard’s prophecy:

    “Anything you shun will have won”.

    Dianetics jingles

    • Hi The Oracle, makes you wonder how one person can get away with so much, a little help from much much higher up maybe… Little like the rabbit hole!

      • Laughter! Thank you for bringing more light upon the situation! Anything you depend upon,you become the effect of. I think that is how Miscavige got away with so much. His entire service base, the Sea Org Organization, is dependent upon the Church for food clothes shelter and their “eternity”. They put themselves in that situation and for many, it is an improvement over how they were living before in their mind. Many people want to be told what to do and how to live and think. The system breeds the madness we see today.

      • “…waste time keeping my recliner warm!” There is so much truth for me in this remark. This whole thing about having to be productive every hour of the day, doing, doing, doing…. It wore me down. I did it for longer than I should have and now don’t do anything unless I truly want to do it. It’s bliss.

        Being out of all of this, I’ve been able to regroup and enjoy breaks and goofing off! It restores the body and refreshes the soul. At least it does for me.

        Even the guilt I used to feel is now completely gone. I’m back in the real world in which we are kind to ourselves (and therefore, others), in which we can, to risk a corny cliche, smell the roses or the coffee. Or the roses AND the coffee!

        It’s great to be alive.

      • I liked your comment, Hadawakeup.

        It’s one of those conflicts one finds in Scn. Produce, produce, produce – yet there are eight dynamics. If you want to acknowledge all or just one or two more than the third dynamic, you’re accused of having “other fish to fry.”

        Well, yes, I do. I have eight dynamics; and most of all, the first needs rest and nourishment.

  17. The current ads being run on the Internet and television claiming the church had 190 million or whatever…these false reports on stats, is called MASS MARKETING FRAUD. It is a crime.

    Mass marketing fraud generally tries to trick you into handing over your hard-earned money or personal information for the promise of future prizes, products, or services that never come.

    Illegal practices perpetrated by a company in the promotion of a product or service. Marketing fraud often centers around making false claims. This includes exaggerating the qualities of a product or service, selling imitations as the genuine article, or hiding negative aspects or side effects.


    • Religious Technology Center a COMPANY. It is NOT a “Church”. The Religious Technology Center maintains strict control over the use of Scientology symbols, icons, and names. It (David Miscavige) also manages the “Church of Scientology”. The Church of Scientology is run by a COMPANY. Every Church of Scientology is separately incorporated, just like any other company, and has its own local board of directors and executives responsible for its own activities and corporate well-being. These are COMPANIES.

      Reporting false statistics in promotion, making false claims,exaggerating, is also known as “marketing fraud”.

      • How can we tell that this “religion” is not really a religion?

        From the terminology.

        In Judaism, there are “rabbis”, “synagogues”, “rebbes”, etc. Star of David.

        In Islam, there are “imams”, “mosques”, “muezzins”, etc. Crescent moon.

        In Christianity, there are “churches”, “ministers”, “priests”, “chapels”, etc, etc. The collection of terms used depends on which version, eg Catholic, Orthodox, Baptists, etc. The Cross.

        All terms and symbols that have meaning within, and have grown organically with, those movements.

        When it was more akin to a philosophical movement, Scientology had its own terminology too. “Dianetics”, “auditing”, “thetans”, “entheta”, etc. Grown organically with the movement.

        But when it became convenient for Scientology to become a recognized “religion”, did it capitalize on those home-grown terms? Stick to its guns and leverage the terms that actually meant something to Scientologists?

        No. It borrowed wholesale from the nearest thing it could identify as an actual religion.

        It took the cross from Christianity, because that’s what a real religion uses, right? It took “church” because real religions are “churches”, right? “Chapels”, “ministers”, “parishioners”, etc.

        Because it knew it was not a real religion, it simply stole its words and symbols from what Hubbard knew of real religions. Some strain of protestantism that he was familiar with from some time in his past.

        If Scientology really believed in its religiosity, it would have stood by its beliefs, and “dianetics”, “auditing” and so on would have sufficed.

        But no, it had to seem “convincing” and therefore “tricked up” its terms and symbology to seems just like a “real” religion. Of this, the cross is the most egregious thievery.

        Convince the credulous by theft and trickery … a well-worn path for Scientology.

        In summary: if it was a real religion, Scientology would have stood by its home-grown terms and symbols. Instead, it stole all its religious terms and symbols from the nearest handy religion, Christianity.

      • Oh Mike! That was fresh! When Scientology was an”Organization”, it had it’s own identity. It had it’s own organic and unique nature.

        When it began to “copy”, another’s identity, that was some kind of identity theft. It shape shifted into a “copy”. A poor copy of something else. The military identity of the Sea Org was also copied.

        There has been much value ( to me) in exploring Scientology. And many things unique only to Hubbard. Those were the things of value. The identities that were copies of something else, or some other organization, those were the things I could live with out. The organization of the Sea Org is a copy of a communism.

  18. My own very limited experience of being a VM was equally farcical. On ‘graduating’ as a VM I one day got a call from the org to say there was a pile-up on the freeway and VMs were needed to go out and deliver assists. Although I really wondered whether it was VMs that were needed or paramedics I dutifully left my work, got in my car and drove and up and down the freeway looking for said pile-up. Nothing, just beautifully flowing traffic. I realised then and there this wasn’t about delivering real help – but being seen to be helping. Ever since then that is how I’ve seen scn – all form over substance. Just like The Oracle said – we steal that form from other legitimate churches so we can show the world, “See, we even have Sunday services!”. At that time, as a well-indoctrinated KA drinker I didn’t even see anything wrong with this. I myself became highly adept at delivering and writing bullshit ‘wins’ and ‘successes’ that I knew hit just the right chord, but were just that, bullshit.

    I only know of one VM who delivers real emergency help, and she’s a nurse and delivers proper medical assistance.

  19. Funny story.
    This rings true for me too. In fact in my 30 plus years in Scientology (RCS) I have witnessed many examples of “PR” and overblown statements of success. OT 7 happens to be one of them. I would hear people say ” One session gives you as much case gain as your whole lower bridge”. Without going into the reasoning for people saying this…it really is such a misguided and misleading statement and it’s only purpose for stating it would be to “PR” ( PR is a derogatory usage here) the tech or “PR” the person. I had some nice wins on the level but a lot of pain and boredom too.
    You want to talk about the ARC triangle? RCS is so phony and uses so much fake “R” that the affinity is fake and the communication is fake and equals fake understanding. I love being in the “real” world. Learning real things and giving real reality, affinity and communication and gaining real understanding.

    • Wow Tony that is exactly what I have always thought, their over acted ARC was sickening and it was such an insult to think they expected me to buy it.

      Thanks for your honesty, nice to hear the truth and not the same old line about OT levels.

      • Has anyone read the success stories that come out of Flag about Super Power and/or the “new” Objectives, etc. They seem choreographed. They all seem the same – with many, many words, pages long but not really saying anything at all.

        Some even sound as though the Bridge they’ve done before this, didn’t come up to scratch because this “latest action” has “blown my case like never before….” and this from OTVs and OTVIIIs. And Ls completions!

        Even the wins I’ve seen from people in SA who have completed the “new” Purif or the “new” Student Hat seem rehearsed.

        Oh, dear! Oh, dear!

    • So true Tony. There is a synthetic ARC in the culture. You have to wonder how a person who wants to “save the planet” can treat a fellow mate with no respect or write him off with the drop of a golden rod. I think Hubbard had issues with intimacy, I really do.

      “If the world’s all your brother, you’re just another.”

      “The desire to be hugged is a craving to be drugged.”

      From Dianetics Jingles

    • How synthetic is the ARC? Posted on ESMB by a guy who just left the Church, these are Facebook exchanges:

      “These are some of the responses I have gotten from current Scientology staff members after I left the church.
      I think this is proof that disconection and dead ageting goes on in the church. Even in Denmark.”

      I have translated the danish conversations to english so you can all follow.

      Attachment 9099

      Philip LevinMay none of you speak with me anymore?

      1/13, 10:05pm
      Morten Lucas Borød (he is the PSS)I thought you didnt want to talk to us.You can call Annette Refstrup (OSA) 24 — — 75k And get a talk

      1/13, 10:41pm
      Philip LevinI dont think I will get a lot out of speaking with OSA

      1/13, 10:44pm
      Morten Lucas BorødThen call MimiYour have created a MEGA ARC crash and if you want goodwill you have to communicate with the involved. (none of them wants to communicate with me) mimis phone ———
      If you want another chance. Its trough HCO!!!!!!!!!Thats the rules. YOU KNOW THEM!!!.

      1/13, 11:00pm
      Philip LevinI dont need goodwill. I feel I have done enough unpaid work for the Church already. (40 hour weeks). I also feel thats it unforgivable that you as a 17-year old sit in a room with two CLO EU and one FLAG recruiter yelling to get me to sign a contract for a billion years.The reason I left. If your are willing to listen?The whole mangement, with COB in the middle, is corrupt. COB beats his staff. There are sworn statements from both CO FSO Debbie Cook, Inspector General RTC Mark Rathbun and CO OSA INT Mike Rinder. They all tell similar stories of the mob methods used by the church that normal public dosnt know about, or choose the ignore.. I dont want to support an organisation like that.

      Morten Lucas BorødDont ever write to me again.

      How does this align with Hubbard’s thinking? It doesn’t. These people are tripping.

      “Anything you shun will have won.
      If you have to be liked, you are spiked.
      If you choose to agree, you’re a tree.

      If you don’t want to be attacked don’t draw back.

      The bottom of disease is anxiety to please.

      If from another’s grace you’d fall, just pretend that you aren’tall.
      The entire source of pain is an effort to abstain.
      You’ll never climb a steeple if you worry about people.”

      From Dianetics jingles.

      I’m sure everyone here knows by now, a person saying he is a “Scientologist” doesn’t give you any clue to who or what he is. A lot of crazy people, get in the mix. For different reasons. Many hang on the fringes sponging up recources, spouting the gospel, who have never been able to think with anything Hubbard wrote. They can recite, but you never actually see them apply any of it or think with it.

      I’ve spent a lot of time and effort and gone through great expense to help others who have explored this medium, just to “pay it forward”.

      At this late date, I personally have come to the conclusion, that, “I can’t be helped” is a very heavy ser fac within these circles. And the people running “must have” and “can’t have” help, make this simple knowledge laid upon the table, a nightmare to explore.

      If you think this is only peculiar to the Scientology arena, it is not. It is any arena where people have to confront “help” issues.

      I called a dog groomer last week, all I wanted and needed was price I spoke to the owner, who is in the service industry. After ten minutes I still couldn’t get a price. “It depends…” Here is someone in the service industry that can not provide what is wanted and needed on a simple phone call, while in the service industry. Just running a “can’t have” on the telephone. What a G.P.M.. Four dogs, groomed twice a month, all expected to live another eight years minimum, at the lowest bottom dollar she blew 38,400.00 on a phone call.

      One situation David Miscavige and the “Scientologists” never consider, is how much their lack of ARC and refusal to help others cost the organization every day. This far exceeds by many times over, the money get from continuous begging.

      • Tony, you know the encouragement just amps up the volume…………Laughter!

        “A provocative tale of ego, exploitation and lust for power,” This is the summary for the new HBO documentary on Scientology.


        The entire activity surrounding Scientology has been out ruds for decades.

        Humanity before Scientology. If you can not care about your fellowman, all of your time and effort learning about yourself,and your fellow man, is spent in vain.

        Humanity is a rudiment. How can you NOT be out ruds with your fellow man when you regard them as “raw meat”, “wogs”, “low tones”, “home sapiens” , “degraded beings”, “trouble sources”, “S.P’s” etc etc etc.. The fixed ideas that come from these labels can put one more and more out of ARC with their fellow man when people have a PURPOSE to ser fac on everyone around them.

        What is the legacy the Scientology community has imprinted upon the world with low ARC, ser facs, lack of mercy, lack of sympathy, lack of genuine care,lack of loving service, lack of responsibility? The legacy of being a provocative tale of ego, exploitation and lust for power,

        The head of the snake is David Miscavige. Not some dead man. I’m not hanging this on someone that died back in 1987. I’m not blaming some dead man for misery that has been created over the past 1/4 century. And I am not interested with shooting off the foot or tail or scale of the snake.

        Miscavige’s legacy, a provocative tale of ego, exploitation and lust for power:

      • Well, that took the wind right out of my sails. I’m a sucker for a little Arc. Gotta float in this sunshine for awhile. 🙂 🙂 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  20. Excellent report! Thanks for sharing your experience. Well written!
    The ability to truly observe what is true to one, is a priceless virtue, which true application of scientology should increase, instead of shut off!

  21. Hi Teresa

    Thanks for the story, As vm hard hats and steel boots shouls of been standed isue for you guys, cruising around calapsed building, and possible after shocks its nuts that you did not have these things,

    In these desaster sites to just be there is often enuff to lift the people of that area, if you just played soccer and mucked about would have served the purpose.

    With all the out points at this time i cant help but feel that possibly LRH desided to find the most destructive SP and give him Scientology as his rock to play with, his reasons for this he may have seen Miscarage in politics causing huge trouble in the world so by giving him scientology he is stuck and cant really harm like as a counrty leader could .

    As a Vm i have work in other countrys and one work a week to get permission to go and help over 100 000 people who had be made homeless threw wind twisters, reports being sent every day as to the progress that was being made, a lot of time and meetings with Mayors the Presedent , Army officers ,

    We were given the go ahead and the plug was pulled from up lines, this would of been the full package study tec, assists ect, Pisssed off well there really are no words to describe how we felt about this.

    • Hi Neptune, to be honest where I was based was HQ which was buzzing with people, emergency workers changing shifts, officers in charge, it was chaos at times and over crowded, certainly was not appropriate to whip out a soccer ball and kick it around, in fact I would have been insulted if I was there searching for bodies and a church group rocked up getting in the way kicking their balls around. Would seem to be a bit of an insult. I understand what you mean but would have been more appropriate to the outer lying areas where there were public maybe. Also there were no need for hard hats in the main operation centre, we were not in the disaster zone, if they went through the disaster zone sure but the only reason they went in there was basically just for a sticky beak and to take photos, there was no pulling out rubble searching for people.

  22. One more point, if the IAS cared about our welfare why didn’t they provide hard hats and steel cap boots with all the money I am sure they regged for this little PR exercise instead of using precious resources for the real workers.

  23. Sure I hear you , I was on a island and the locals were pleased to see some kind of tourist as there lively hood depended on that, we did a couple miracle s and were then banned ,and lucky to not get put in jail as bringing a new religion into the land was bracking the law!

    Yes the IAS even with reg ing it seems we are to make it go right , maybe you had a complete twat in charge this can ruin good work in seconds.

    The sea org member I was working with on the 100 000 busted his balls to get the go ahead only to have the door slammed in his face by those that asked to have it done, nuts
    The sea org member left soon after returning home,

    This is how the bridge has become all clap clap super level gained, then come do again its all wrong, the same joke gets boring after a while.

  24. A month ago I downloaded some books from the stss site. It is so good to know I am reading, once again, pure LRH. I even found the Tech and Admin Dictionaries on the site – what a find that was. We are definitely, once more, rich in technology.

    With all the hurt and betrayal that is clearly evident in this thread, knowing that we can access the original data reminds us that as a group, we are able and can get things done.

    The owners of stss have provided us with everything we need to continue finding out about life, and how to improve it.

    How lovely to just sit and study, listening to the birds singing in the background, on this beautiful day.

    Thanks stss.

  25. Teresa. I am a bit late in commenting here, but just a quick big thanks for taking the time to write this up and comment yourself. First class.

    • We did provide a link to our article giving all the data. Despite some technical glitches, we see it is listed on the commet reply and opens on the article now.

      In case you cannot find it, the article was posted on the 9th August 2014 and is titled “All materials & lectures available for download”. You can scroll down through all articles from the home page or use the search option to find it by typing in “ssts.nl”

      If all else fails, you can go directly to the following link:


  26. Thanks Teresa, I realised a while back that this sort of thing happens all the time in scn, it all seems to be about getting as much money as possible out of the poor fools who hate being regged but feel they have a duty to pay up as “scn is saving the World”.
    My only VM experience was going out with the yellow tent and standing around for 10 hours whilst maybe a handful of people came in. I do know someone who went to the Haiti earthquake, they had to pay their own air fare and all other expenses, however they said that they didn’t feel totally useless as they were enlisted in work like distributing food and water. Why they ever think people need touch assists at these things was always beyond me and convinced me never to volunteer – too embarrassing – people need shelter, food and water not touch assists.

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